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Ginga 411

A Team Galactic community

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A community focusing on Team Galactic.

TGcomm @ LiveJournal"Look beyond the world-- space shall become Team Galactic's!"


This community is focused on Team Galactic, a Pokémon syndicate full of crazy wacky-haired fanatics and a zombie boss who's scared of the ground.

More formally, their aim is to build a new universe free of strife. Their boss, Cyrus, wants to become a god, but no one is supposed to be aware of that until he screams it from the top of a mountain.

Without further ado, the guidelines and recommendations:

→ This is a members-only community, meaning you must join to post. We discuss anything, from our conflicting characterizations concerning the Commanders or others to cracktastic dreams and speculation. We also share art, fanfiction, icons, the whole gig. It's just getting started that might be difficult.

→ We allow the sharing of downloads. Anime episodes, music videos, altered music tracks, it's all okay. Sometimes you can't get what you want, depending on where you are. Feel free to request anything.

→ Don't go around thoroughly mangling things in rage. It doesn't make a good first impression. We're not saying you have to be nice all the time - you can rant here too - but just don't start fights. It's not healthy for your status as a member. No bashing, no flaming.

→ Now, about criticism of another's work. Please review it; be thorough, tell them what you liked or what you didn't, and what they could work on. That is what a review is, after all.

→ There is no such thing as a dead topic. Any comment and all comments are welcomed - we're pretty relaxed around here. Feel free to speak your mind, no matter how old the topic is. Nothing is ridiculous.

→ Finally, remember to enjoy yourself! When it all boils down, we're here to have fun and occasionally poke fun. Cyrus may strive for a world without spirit, but we've got plenty to go around.

Founded by:

blackjackrocket (Unrivaled champion of consecutive posts)
darkeiya_deylo (Resident capslock-happy tag gremlin)
bandanna_boy_17 (Head of the brain-break department)


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